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Will the iPad be a failure? Let’s review four Apple products that have been ostracized

When I plunged headlong into the Apple ecosystem, I was amazed at the amount of turmoil that such a (relatively) small company could generate compared to much larger and more important companies. Apple is a company capable of stirring up passions like no other, whether these passions are positive or negative.

Will the iPad be a failure? Let’s review four Apple products that have been ostracized
Will the iPad be a failure? Let’s review four Apple products that have been ostracized

If we make an easy comparison, just a few weeks ago was presented in Barcelona the new bet of Microsoft as Operating System for mobile phones. The echo that was produced about this event in the non-specialized press, did not even reach the one created by the presentation of the iPad , for example.

The phrase attributed to Steve Jobs is famous in which he states that the user doesn’t know what he needs until you put it in front of his nose and in Cupertino they seem to be specialists in this. Let’s go over four products that at the time of their presentation were doomed to failure , just like the iPad, but that later were not so much.

The Macintosh

Yes, this was the usual tonic at Apple from the beginning . After the presentation of the Macintosh many things were said about it and none of them good. In the DOS environments that dominated at the time, with their command line and so on, introducing a graphical environment with a mouse pointer sounded like Chinese .

It was said that would not succeed, that it was not easy to learn, that it was not intuitive . And today we see how he laid the foundations of everything that would come later, Microsoft, upon seeing him, set to work creating Windows. And Apple has sold a few computers since then.

The iMac

The first iMac, the iMac head , was the first Apple computer that I sat in front of. And I remember being impressed by how beautiful it looked. But at the time of its presentation in 1998, it was not very well talked about. The user, who was used to the grey towers that were proliferating at the time, did not look kindly upon a computer that was embedded behind a screen and that did not have a floppy disk drive on top of it .

The critics of the time predicted a black future for this new computer and it really became one of those responsible for Apple’s renaissance, even going so far as to be placed in museums as an example of industrial design.

The iPod

The iPod came as a revolutionary device that sought to rescue Apple from past difficulties. Steve Jobs set Apple’s machinery in motion to determine what the ultimate device would be. There were several options in the portfolio, including a camera, but in the end the Mp3 player was chosen .


But at the beginning, in the discussion forums of important pages such as MacRumors, the new Apple device was put, as it is commonly said “to fall off a donkey” . Low capacity, better alternatives in the competition, the Cube 2.0… many were the qualifications given to the new Apple product.


Almost ten years later, and after a few million iPods have been sold. The iPod effect was such that on its own, this device attracted a multitude of new users for the apple brand . When they saw that the brand that they liked so much also made computers, they decided to buy one.

The iPhone

And of course, the last device marketed by Apple ( until the next release of the iPad ) was also strongly criticized at the beginning . Even today, many arguments are made, Flash, outdated hardware, the tyranny of Apple with its App Store … But after selling 42 million iPhone, it seems that the critics were wrong again.

If we count on the fact that they have returned to to lay the foundations of what a Smartphone should be , just as they did with the personal computer or the Mp3 players, it seems that they were not so wrong.

There are only a few weeks left until the launch of the iPad in the United States and just over a month until we have it in Spain. We will see who is right and who is wrong , since only time puts each one in its place.


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