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Will it influence the Mac market?

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After much rumour, AMD has officially announced that it is buying ATI . The deal, valued at $5.4 billion, is just waiting for market regulation laws to be passed to become fully effective.

How will AMD’s purchase of ATI influence the Mac market? For years, Apple has integrated nVIDIA and ATI graphics cards into its computers, but in the last year ATI has had the highest degree of representation for the Mac. Will AMD now allow ATI to remain Apple’s technology partner on computers that exclusively integrate Intel processors, its ultimate rival? Will AMD give up the great business it represents for ATI to supply the Apple market?

Will it influence the Mac market?
Will it influence the Mac market?

At the moment, the official press release doesn’t mention anything about the apple company… although it does talk about Windows Vista : ” We are excited about the potential that AMD and ATI can bring together to improve the Windows Vista experience for all our customers.

Interestingly, last week there were rumours that nVIDIA might integrate its accelerator cards into the new iPod … Maybe this is just the beginning of a new agreement between this company and Apple?

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