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Will CarPlay be a dangerous distraction behind the wheel?

As you know, Apple took advantage of the Geneva Motor Show last week to present CarPlay, its integrated hands-free car solution . If you’ve seen the videos showing the operation, albeit limited, it may be a good way for us to keep our eyes on the road instead of our iPhones’ screens.

Given the impossibility of testing the system in person, you have no choice but to soak up what others are saying on the subject. The initial euphoria about having a system led by Apple in a very small selection of exclusive models and brands fades away when we delve into the consequences of an inevitable and more affordable expansion.

When driving is no longer the main activity

The other day, Brian S Hall was talking about his fears of Apple’s CarPlay system. In particular, he said:

His fears focus not on the fact that he will be distracted behind the wheel but on the fact that others will . I can’t help but think about what your mother might say to you when you’re driving:

And it’s true. You can be 100% focused that it won’t matter if another driver is distracted or worse and runs you over. Distractions pay dearly, I’d say the typical DMV ad. The question we should ask ourselves is: will CarPlay make driving safer than before or will it be just another distraction?

Putting CarPlay into Practice

Imagine you have everything you need to use this Apple Hands-Free System. You have an iPhone with a Lightning connector and the system has become popular enough that you won’t have to go into debt for the next 59 years of your life when you buy a Ferrari with CarPlay.

You get in your car and plug in your iPhone. You’re driving along the highway and suddenly you get a message . Siri reads it with her mechanical accent:

– You have a text message from [insert name]. Shall I read it?

-Yes -You answer.

-Remember we’re meeting my parents for dinner tonight at their house.

-Do you want to answer the message now? -Siri asks you again.


-Okay, what do I put on the message? -I’m not sure.

-Great, I can’t wait to meet your parents. I’ll be there.

But you realize it can be misinterpreted. That’s the thing about messages. Regretfully, you ask him to change the text of the message and you begin to pick on your personal assistant, the one who’s supposed to make your life easier.

There comes a point when you are more concerned with attending to the text message and avoiding a catastrophe with your partner than the road is no longer the centre of attention . Is this the ideal situation for driving? And for the other drivers who travel with you? Worse still, and as they say in the Simpsons, does no one think about the children?

Using head technology

I do not believe, far from it, that these systems should be banned. After all, it is everyone’s responsibility to be vigilant at the wheel. Think about all the things we do that are not strictly related to driving:

  • Turn on the heating or air conditioning.
  • Adjust the temperature.
  • Driving carl crazy de Raja Sambasivan, Ferrari FF de FieldsportsChannel TV y Verkehrsschild: Durchfahrt verboten! de matthias.penke.

    En Apple
    Roll up and down windows.

  • Talk or argue with the co-pilot.
  • Take out a cigarette, light it, smoke it and leave ashes.
  • Turn on and change the radio channel.
  • Change CDs.
  • Look at a billboard.
  • 352 other things.

Should we also ban air conditioning, radios, smoking, talking and a whole lot more so that we can keep an eye on the road? Certainly not. It is everyone’s responsibility to make proper use of the technologies at our disposal.

Will CarPlay be a dangerous distraction behind the wheel?
Will CarPlay be a dangerous distraction behind the wheel?

What is your opinion on this?


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