will be present in 400 stores and 25 countries

Apple presiona para frenar el “derecho a reparar”en Nueva York

Yesterday I told you about a machine that could lighten the repairs of the iPhone , manufactured by Apple and distributed to the authorized centers in order to lighten the work of the Genius Bar. At that time, three centres were known to have the ingenuity, but it seems that the project is much more ambitious.

will be present in 400 stores and 25 countries
will be present in 400 stores and 25 countries

Apple wants to deliver 400 repair machines to 25 countries by 2018 , Reuters has learned. One of them is already working at the Best Buy in Minneapolis, repairing and calibrating the phones without anyone at Apple having to take care of anything. Others are already in some authorized centers in Shanghai, London, Singapore and Silicon Valley.

What the machine does that no one else can do is not the replacement of the panel, but its calibration. The process includes all the safety measures of the touchID sensor , which is preventively blocked if this calibration is not done properly. This is why when calibration is done in unauthorized establishments, Apple refuses to touch the iPhone any further, even if it gets you into legal trouble.

This new move highlights what we’ve been experiencing for some time now: in the busiest Apple stores, Genius Bar appointments can take even longer than a week to become available. Providing other locations with our own resources should free up the Genius Bars from their workload, while at the same time making Apple Premium Resellers happy that they will be able to attend to more repairs in less time.

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