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Will Apple TV fourth generation multiply your interest among users?

Apple TV, the company’s hobby might stop for a few days. Because the more than likely new generation will arrive with the intention of conquering a very complicated terrain: the living room.

As we have already told you, the main rumors about this fourth generation of Apple TV, place it as a device that would arrive with important new features: complete iOS 9, new remote control, control via Siri and App Store. Enough to attract the end user?

From hobby to serious business

Will Apple TV fourth generation multiply your interest among users?
Will Apple TV fourth generation multiply your interest among users?

When that first generation of the Apple TV was introduced, the Apple top box set looked interesting. A device made by the company that had given us products under that philosophy of “just works” generated high expectations. The problem is that it didn’t.

From its inception, Apple TV was limited by those restrictions the company normally imposes: content had to go through iTunes, forcing us to go through tedious and cumbersome encoding processes; and you could only buy series or movies through iTunes if you lived in the US or UK. So for many of us it was a “I want it but I won’t get the most out of it” situation.

Apple TV sales grew when the first Jailbreak solution appeared

Fortunately, for the first and especially the second generation, it improved when the Jailbreak for the Apple TV arrived. This allowed us to free it from certain constraints such as loading content in other formats, from memory sticks or USB drives and even being able to install Plex. Thus, it did turn out to be more attractive as a classic set top box.

However, it did not end up being a round product. Yes, it was interesting but there were solutions already on the market that could supply it with better results, in my case a Raspberry Pi stole the site. Therefore, if Apple wanted to continue giving it value, it had to offer new options. These came as iOS evolved. The most prominent was AirPlay.

AirPlay and the new price of 69 euros are the two most interesting reasons to buy an Apple TV

With the arrival of iOS 5 and AirPlay, Apple TV began to attract the attention of many users and Apple seemed to take it more seriously. That little black box was capable of receiving content from a Mac or iOS device via streaming. So, along with OS X apps like Beamer 2.0, the issue of encoding to iTunes-friendly formats was solved. Now we would drag the file over its window, start playing and that’s it, in our living room TV we would watch the content thanks to Apple TV and AirPlay. In later versions would come the use of extended desktop or mirror mode.

Especial Apple TV

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With the mirror mode, playing iOS games on the big screen was very interesting. Of course, if you didn’t suffer lag the experience was satisfactory. In any case, the Apple TV was still more of an add-on than a meaningful product on its own. Because the list of channels it offered and provides, plus the content you can load from your iTunes library, is long but not for every country. If you don’t use VPN servers to access regionally blocked content, the use we can make here in the U.S. is limited compared to the U.S.

The Future of Apple TV

If the data we have is materialized into a real product, with this fourth generation an Apple TV could finally become a serious and complete product . And the major responsible for the change would be iOS 9.

The inclusion of iOS 9 and app store would be the great successes of the future fourth generation Apple TV

The inclusion of the entire iOS 9, along with its respective app store, would make Apple TV usable as a standalone. Before we could but limited to the content of iTunes or the channels.

With the fourth generation Apple TV, apps will also arrive, opening a new path of opportunities and business. Apps of all kinds, but above all games, there are many that, together with a gamepad, cry out to be played on the big screen, would open the door to a new leisure option. That does not mean that systems like PS4 or Xbox One will be affected, as many have said. Each product will have its users but it is true that together with Metal it could give a lot of gameplay and be an important source of income for Apple.

Therefore, along with new iPhones and more than likely iPads, if the fourth generation Apple TV is presented next September 9th as rumours have it, and it goes on sale in October, Apple can count on me and reserve one for me.

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