Will Android Wear finally be compatible with iOS?

The VergeEn Apple Developers have discovered hints that support is in place, just need to be enabled, and we even released an unofficial tutorial on how to enable such support.

Rumors were that Google would announce this support during its Google IO conference, but in the end this did not happen and the waters calmed down. But today the rumor is back, and it is done by one of the most interesting and attractive smartwatches of this year, the Huawei Watch, which claims to be compatible with iOS .

Will Android Wear finally be compatible with iOS?
Will Android Wear finally be compatible with iOS?

After several delays, Huawei published on Amazon in the United States his watch with Android Wear, with this users could book to receive it from September 2nd. But within the product description you could read something that nobody knew or expected: “Compatible with most devices with iOS 8.2 or Android 4.3 and above” .

Soon after, the page was removed, but the information was already in all the American media that echoed the news. The guys from Android Police had a chance to contact Huawei and they confirmed that was a mistake and “that there would be more information next week” .

Error or confirmation?

The reality is that many iOS users are waiting for this support to be officially announced , mainly because of the possibility of having more options, with more designs at a lower price than an Apple Watch, which would undoubtedly take off the Google platform and make many iPhone users buy an Android Wear watch.


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