Wikiwebapp, a different way to consult Wikipedia


But then you look at applications like Wikiwebapp and discover that they can be much more useful than you thought.

Wikiwebapp, a different way to consult Wikipedia
Wikiwebapp, a different way to consult Wikipedia

This simple application allows us to navigate and consult the Wikipedia in a different way . Thanks to this graph theory, we can apply a basic principle: that most articles are connected in one way or another.

Thanks to this principle we can navigate through the articles in a completely visual and different way. Jumping from “connection” to “connection”, that is, from article to article taking into account the relationships between them.

Although it is somewhat complicated, it is quite easy to understand thanks to the video. An interesting detail is that we can modify the results to our liking and add or remove connections that in our view don’t make sense and then share our “map” with other friends.

The application is fee-based and has a price of 3.99 euros , is universal and furthermore promises that a percentage of the money collected from the App is donated to the Wikipedia Foundation.

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