Wikipedia for iOS is completely renewed

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Wikipedia is one of those services that make our lives easier, it provides us with knowledge at any time and its scope is such that it is the number one option when we need to consult information about whatever comes to mind.

Wikipedia for iOS is completely renewed
Wikipedia for iOS is completely renewed

As it is such a popular service one would expect it to be available for consultation through any platform, that is why its application for iOS has been available for several years now, but with a voracious competition of hundreds of applications that offer access to its information source in addition to other features, which has left the official application aside, that is why the Wikimedia Foundation has just launched its renewed application .

The new Wikipedia application for iOS has been completely redesigned, introducing a simple interface and more in line with what we have since iOS 7 , so the application now has an outstanding performance, being fast, lightweight and incorporating new features.

We will be able to consult random articles if we are curious, our history of consultations and pages that we have saved, the reading of articles becomes clean and without elements that reduce our concentration , even, doing a gesture of right to left, we will have access to the content of the article ordered by sections for immediate consultation.

If we have an account at Wikipedia we can log in from our device and thus have access to the editing and querying functions of offline articles. In addition, this new version of Wikipedia is already compatible with iOS 8 and incorporates Wikipedia Zero , which is an agreement made between Wikimedia and various operators around the world to offer in certain markets the consultation of articles without consuming mobile data.

Wikipedia for iOS version 4.0 is now available on the App Store for free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch starting with iOS 6.


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