Widgets on the iPod?

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Imagination has no limits. And whenever implants a limitation , whatever it is, there is a guy with enough vision to overcome that limitation with his inventiveness .

This sentence, which is so profound to me, more or less says that Apple should allow people to program their own applications for the iPod. To create widgets , for example. Well, in fact, we already have widgets on the iPod: the stopwatch, the world clocks… but why limit ourselves to them?

Widgets on the iPod?
Widgets on the iPod?

A company called Koloroo has released two widgets for the iPod with color screen : they are actually just a succession of hundreds of images that are controlled by the click-wheel , and by moving them, it seems that the widget “works” ( you can test on their website ).

One of them, tipKalc KolorWheel , provides us with colour sets to use in our websites. The other, KolorWheel tipKalc , a kind of calculator… And they sell them for $4.99 and $7.99. In my opinion very curious but not very useful , due to the limitation of the use system…

Hopefully with the iPhone Apple will simply ” monitor ” the applications that people can create but allow us to be the programmers around the world to use their technology in ways that, many times, no one can imagine.


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