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Wider color range on the iPhone 3G screen

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One difference that has been found recently to the new model of iPhone 3G with respect to its predecessor is the color range offered by the screen , it seems that it has been adjusted to a warmer color range, let’s compare it and taking it to the extreme we would say that ” yellows “, ie the color it transmits is less bright than the model EDGE. On the left is the iPhone 3G and on the right is the previous model to give you an idea, the photos are of Mat Honan.

In Macworld they have spoken with Bob Borchers , director of marketing and according to him, it is not a mistake, is a question of design and a new adjustment to adapt the range of colors of the screen . Specifically, the technical data is that the new iPhone has a color temperature of between 6,800 and 7,300 K while the first generation was over 8,300 K.

Wider color range on the iPhone 3G screen
Wider color range on the iPhone 3G screen

In fact, these colour variations exist in other areas, such as with LCD monitors, for example, and the change from one to the other is not dramatic either, so it is not advisable to create an alarm: it is a variation without further ado , which is curious that perhaps they are considering including the possibility of varying it in a later update.

In the extended entry you have another photo (Miguel passes it to me) that compares an iPod touch to an iPhone 3G with the full brightness… As you can see, there is a subtle difference, but nothing special.

Update : in AppleInsider they assure that in the new firmware update, the 5A347, that yellow tint disappears, correcting the tones by other more neutral ones.

For those who are not very observant, Miguel’s iPhone 3G is the one on the left (mostly because it says “movistar”).


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