Why they changed the keyboard on the MacBook Pro 16″

Following the launch of the new MacBook Pro from 16″, we’ve seen that Apple has opted for a new keyboard that it has named Magic Keyboard. This keyboard stands out for including the scissor mechanism when in previous models we had a butterfly mechanism. In relation to this important change, the head of marketing at Apple, Phil Schiller, explained this decision in an interview with CNET.

Phil Schiller has recognized in this interview something that many users think, and is that the disappearance of the butterfly mechanism is something that we are happy. Obviously he wanted to make it up by saying that the professionals ‘want more’ and that’s why they have chosen this new keyboard mechanism.

Why they changed the keyboard on the MacBook Pro 16″
Why they changed the keyboard on the MacBook Pro 16″

This keyboard is the result of extensive research that Apple has been doing for several years asking hundreds of professionals. A study was made by the engineering team in order to understand the physiology of writing and also its psychology. According to Schiller, users who were asked about their ideal keyboard referred to the Apple Magic Keyboard, which is the keyboard that comes with iMac . The company has taken all these ideas and translated them into this new keyboard, which in theory should give us the same, or better, experience as the Magic Keyboard that can be bought separately right now.

But obviously moving this keyboard that we all have in mind, to a MacBook version is something tremendously complex because it must include the backlight function and obviously it must be ergonomic.

Obviously this Apple executive has been asked about those keyboard renovations that have been done in the past with different generations of the butterfly keyboard. In relation to this he has answered the following:

There is always something to learn to improve a product, no matter what the feedback, and … what can we do to improve it? Can we improve it in line with what we already have, or do we have to go in another direction, and for whom? The team took the time to do the work of researching, exploring and reinventing. The team has learned a lot in the last few years in this area

According to his words, the engineering team had to have time to integrate a new keyboard technology, although they tried to improve the product in front of them that was giving failures. In the end they had to discard it completely and launch this system that actually gives us very good results when we have worked with an Apple Magic from an iMac.

But the butterfly keyboard has not been completely discarded, as Schiller has not ventured to say that future Macs will include this keyboard. He has only said “I can’t say it today. We’re continuing with the two keyboard layouts. We hope that good user feedback will end up encouraging the company to include this type of keyboard on new Macs, but obviously this takes a lot of research and development time.

Regarding the change of the Touch Bar, in which you can already see a ‘Escape’ button, Schiller said that professionals demanded this physical button to perform their task. The most important complaint they have received from these Macs with the OLED bar at the top has been the absence of this button so they have solved it in this new generation of Mac.

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