Why the disappearance of Twitter for Mac is good news

The Twitter tour on the Mac came to an abrupt end last week when the social network announced that it was closing its Mac version. This was not surprising, as the company had not updated it for over a year, leaving out even features such as the 280 characters that were introduced relatively recently.

Although macOS users lose a native platform app , there is reason to believe that there is good news behind it.

Bad news times two

Why the disappearance of Twitter for Mac is good news
Why the disappearance of Twitter for Mac is good news

Twitter’s decision to eliminate its efforts with a native macOS app is bad news for the platform. The truth is that it wasn’t a great app at the level of this social network. Its foundations came from the acquisition of Tweetie in 2010, one of the most popular Twitter clients for iOS and OS X at the time. Over the years, this good foundation was replaced.

The release of the Twitter development for macOS is double bad news. Because the company refers the user to use the web version which is common to any operating system of any browser. And that goes against Apple’s way of doing things.

macOS is one of the reasons why many users choose a Mac over a Windows computer. How the operating system works, how certain features are used, integration with other Apple devices, and support for third-party apps are all critical parts of the experience.

The fact that developers are using a web version eliminates one of the advantages of macOS over their competitors

If Twitter suddenly decides that it’s not worth continuing to develop its app, it forces macOS users to use a web service that acts exactly the same way on any other platform. If enough developers end up saying the same thing, the Mac and macOS proposal is weakened. And that’s something Apple can’t allow.

As users, the end of Twitter development for the Mac is also doubly detrimental. Because we lose the app and because of the consequences it can have on others who end up using a web experience, clearly worse than a native .

However, behind this bad news can be hidden a very good one. One that we’ve been talking about for a long time.

The consolidation of development platforms

At the end of 2016, we interviewed iOS developer and trainer Julio Cesar Fernandez, who shared with us the keys to what we are experiencing . Bloomberg announced a few days ago the changes that are planned for this year’s developer conference.

According to the publication, we will see the unification of development platforms , but not at the level of the operating system which will still retain its qualities and differences (i.e. no Mac touch). The idea is that developers can work once on a single app that will work on any platform: macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS.

Everything indicates that in this year’s WWDC we will see a giant step forward for Apple’s platforms
Twitter para macOS nos dice adiós, pero aún hay buenas alternativas en la Mac App Store.

This will help apps like Twitter to maintain and develop a single app without having to work on two independent developments. Users will be the first to benefit , as Fernandez said:

If all this is true, we will see the return of Twitter for MacOS as a universal app. And it would be the start of a new era for third party apps on Apple platforms.

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