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Why is Instagram so fast at uploading photos?

Have you ever wondered why Instagram uploads our photos so quickly even when we’re connected via 3G? It’s not that Instagram has a super-galactic compression algorithm, but that its interface is designed to work on downtime. While we’re filling in information, the photo is uploading. No doubt a demonstration of the developers’ cunning.

Instagram’s been getting a lot of talk lately. We recently learned about your purchase from Facebook. Even Phil Schiller talked about it, saying that would stop using the application because with such a massification he had lost the initial charm .

Why is Instagram so fast at uploading photos?Why is Instagram so fast at uploading photos?

The original creators of the application Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom are aware that one of the keys to the success of a mobile application is making the experience of its interface fast and seamless .

It was at a presentation at the 2011 Warm Gun that Krieger talked about the Instagram design process and the way information is entered. While we’re inputting the data, the application is working in the background, giving us a sense of speed.

One of the key points in this respect is the image upload . Have you noticed that when we have entered the information, the image is already uploaded? What Instagram really does is that the moment we choose the vintage filter , it starts uploading the image . So, when we have finished entering the title information and tags , it seems that the upload is done at the speed of light, but nothing is further from the truth.

The application does the upload in two parts: first the raw photo is uploaded, and then it is matched with the data that we have entered in the screen of Share . But this process could be further refined by starting to upload the photo when it’s done on the iPhone and then applying the filters on the server. But this is not only unnecessary – as the system is already fast enough – but would also overload the servers.

As a user who only enjoys his or her favorite social network, all you see is that when you finish filling in the information the picture is already uploaded , which gives you the feeling that Instagram is incredibly fast. But it’s all a false sense, although effective all the same.

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