Why iCloud can be bad news for services like Google

iCloud, preguntas y respuestas

There’s still plenty of time to see iCloud to its full potential: Lion is due to appear on the Mac App Store next month, and of course iOS 5 is due to reach all our mobile devices this fall. But even so, what we could see in the keynote of the last WWDC showed a series of points that can make Google start to worry .

Why iCloud can be bad news for services like Google
Why iCloud can be bad news for services like Google

Let’s focus for example on something that everyone knows and uses: Gmail . Its advantages: a powerful, fast and versatile web application; slowly growing space, advanced search tools and access from anywhere by simply entering your account password. It was something MobileMe offered, but with a slower web and less efficient synchronization.

But of course, now it turns out that Apple will offer us a free @me.com address, perfectly synchronized with the mail applications on all our devices, with 5 GB of space, labels, folders, filters… and no ads. If we are “closed” Apple users and use only Apple devices, a migration from Gmail to iCloud mail is completely feasible by adopting the native applications of their systems. Without checking their performance, of course.

And then there’s the fact that maybe one day we need to access our mail from a third-party device: wouldn’t there be a way to access it via the web? Maybe Apple is thinking of something to cover this bump, or simply say “let’s always carry our iPhone with us” to wash our hands.

It is curious how each company takes the concept of the cloud differently. While Google increasingly moves more and more functions to the web (this very afternoon we have witnessed this after an event they have held in San Francisco), Apple wants to remove all traces of web applications in their services and move everything to their native programs .

This means that even though we are using a system application there is a whole infrastructure behind it called iCloud that takes care of synchronizing all the changes between our devices. And that it’s completely invisible, that we don’t even realize it exists. According to Apple, this is the way to go to move to the iCloud, and leave the web applications for other things. Will we finally have an Apple community that uses Apple services completely and mostly ? After the MobileMe adventure in Cupertino, they’re sure to dream about it. In the competition it must be the last thing they want.

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