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Why I think the iPad mini is a good fit

On Tuesday, Apple presented its avalanche of new products, with great news and very good news: we now have iPad mini. Many will think this is a sign of Apple’s failure and the profound changes it is undergoing. However, in this article I will try to explain why the iPad mini is a success and that it may have moved the people of the bitten apple to take this step. Will you join me?

For a long time, blogs that talk about the bitten apple company have spilled rivers of electronic ink commenting on the changes Tim Cook is making within Apple . I myself, in previous articles, have talked about the profound changes that this company is undergoing and the future repercussions that these can cause. One of those changes can be seen in the iPad mini , a device that appears to match Apple’s tough competition.

Why I think the iPad mini is a good fit
Why I think the iPad mini is a good fit

“But Apple has always had competition and has never had to make a move like this. She has always been the one who led the way and the others were behind her” , you may think. And you’re right, Apple has never had to “bend” to users’ requests or competition as it seems to be doing now, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of Apple , but the beginning of survival. Let me explain:

In the past, Apple was in the business of creating computers, and only had 2 major competitors : Microsoft and IBM . These were the biggest enemies to beat, and, having the quality of design that Apple had compared to the design of the others, it was clear who had the upper hand.

However, in 2007 those of Cupertino embarked on a new business that would change the rules of the game: telephony. In this sector they were newcomers, although they did a great job with the iPhone . But they realised that now it was not only a question of making phones, but also of making millions of people happy who were used to changing their mobile phones approximately every year.

Mobile users are not like computer users. They are not only looking for usability, but also to be able to have all the existing technologies in the minimum space . Apple had to fight hard for the iPhone to end up satisfying almost everyone.

Right after that they created the iPad, the “fusion” between telephony and computer, in order to reach more people. However, the users to be targeted had changed. They were no longer those who bought computers, but the biggest Apple fans are those who, in their time, bought the iPhone , so these are the ones who are really addressed by the iPad. Because we have to think that Apple is a company, and that its function is to make money, so it has to fight to offer what the user, who is the one who puts the money , wants.

In the old days, there was little competition. They were the best and they knew it. When they entered telephony, the competition grew exponentially . There are many more companies involved to beat, and many more users to convince, so Apple has to change the rules to stay on top . If users ask for a 4-inch iPhone they have to be given one, and if they ask for a 7-inch iPad the same. Because now the competition is not ugly and rough computers, but attractive devices, with very good features that can overshadow them if they are neglected.

That’s why I think the iPad mini is a good choice, because keeps Apple in the game , shows that Tim Cook is a good businessman who knows what’s best for the Bite Apple company and assures us that they will remain very competitive for many years to come.

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