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Why doesn’t Siri work on my iPhone? Possible answers

Apple’s smart assistant, Siri, was launched with the iPhone 4s in 2011. It can help you to perform multiple tasks or to know data like the weather in your city or the result of your football team. However, there may be a bug in Siri that makes it not work properly on your iPhone, so we will try in this post to help you solve that problem.

Why does Siri fail on the iPhone?

The first thing to know is that Siri works with an internet connection. If you do not have a WiFi or mobile data connection, the wizard will not be able to start. This is perhaps a bit absurd when we want to perform actions such as scheduling events or making a call, as there are no internet servers involved. However, Apple has programmed the wizard in this way. Therefore this may be the first cause of your iPhone failing. It is also the one with the easiest solution: check if you have a good connection, because sometimes you may have internet, but not fast enough for Siri to start.

Why doesn’t Siri work on my iPhone? Possible answers
Why doesn’t Siri work on my iPhone? Possible answers

On the other hand, if you have a new or recently refurbished iPhone, you may not have Siri activated. You may have deactivated it without realizing it. So we recommend going to Settings>Siri and Search and checking that the three options at the top are enabled: Activate when you hear “Hey Siri”, press the top button to open Siri and Siri with blocked screen. This is valid for any of the Siri bugs, as perhaps your bug is only when invoking the assistant by voice or by doing it through the button.

In case it’s the “Oye Siri” that doesn’t work for you and persists even when this option is enabled in the settings, it’s possible that the failure is due to the iPhone’s microphone. This will be confirmed if you have also noticed a problem making calls, sending audio, or with Siri’s voice dictation in addition to the wizard’s error. In this case you will need to contact Apple to make an appointment at an Apple Retail Store or Authorised Support and, if necessary, have the device repaired.

How much would an iPhone repair cost?

As we have seen before, there are physical problems with the iPhone itself that can lead to a malfunction of Siri. Whether it is the microphone or any other component, it is always recommended that you contact an Apple-authorized service provider if you are unable to go to the company itself. Sometimes the failure may be due to a factory defect, in which case repair would be free of charge if the iPhone is under warranty.

If the iPhone problem is due to a misuse of the device or even some accidental hit or fall , Apple will not cover the repair even if the device was recently purchased. In this case the exact cost of the repair cannot be estimated as it depends on multiple factors. The first factor is the component that fails, since many times no specific parts are repaired and the user is given a reconditioned iPhone. Therefore the amount of the repair is also conditioned by the model of iPhone you have.

What if you restore the iPhone?

It is very unlikely that being in a stable version of iOS something as basic as Siri would fail. This is not even a normal occurrence in beta versions, although if it does happen in beta versions you cannot ask for much because it is still a trial version. However, it cannot be completely ruled out that some software problem may prevent the wizard from working properly. In many cases this happens when the iPhone has not been restored for years or the same backup has been installed in different terminals.

This solution is not magic or miraculous, but if you have already checked that you do not have any physical fault in the terminal, it is advisable to perform a restoration of the iPhone. We recommend that you always carry out the restoration as cleanly as possible. It is therefore essential to have a Mac or Windows computer , as this must be done via iTunes or Finder if your Mac has Catalina macOS or later versions.

It is also recommended to make a backup before carrying out this restoration. It is true that you will then have to configure your iPhone as new , but it will be useful to be able to reload the copy of your data in case Siri doesn’t work after that. Remember that even if you set your iPhone as new you will still have some data such as your contacts, calendar, photos and other options that you have synchronized in iCloud.

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