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Why do we have to wait so long to use Mailbox?

Have you tried Mailbox yet? If not, I’m sure you’ll find this article interesting. Here we explain the reason for the wait to enter the new mail manager. This is a new way of testing the application that the guys from Orchestra have started. Here we explain how it works and how long you should wait to enter and test Mailbox.

A few days ago, the Mailbox application was launched on the App Store, a somewhat different mail manager that sounds very promising. The application is free and everyone can download it freely, but…, not everyone can use it. Many of us have to wait until it’s our turn and try it out , as we have thousands of people in front of us who are waiting to enter the service and thousands of people behind us who are waiting for the same thing. How exactly does this work?

Why do we have to wait so long to use Mailbox?
Why do we have to wait so long to use Mailbox?

Most applications have either a private or public beta system before they are released to the public. However, Mailbox not only does things differently when it comes to managing our emails, but also when it comes to testing and fixing bugs in your application. To do this Mailbox has launched a subscription system to regulate the entry of new users into the application so that the servers are not burst.

Right now, as I write this entry there are more than 849,000 people waiting to enter the service, and the number keeps going up . But, is there any reason to keep so many people waiting in frustration? In the words of the guys at Mailbox:

At first glance, the pace at which new users are allowed in may seem slow , but Orchestra -the company dedicated to the development of Mailbox-, says that they are doing their best to include new users as soon as possible. But they warn that if any problem arises they will have to stop accepting new users, or things could speed up and get users in faster. Above all, they want the time to come when they will no longer need the reservation system at all.

How long does it take to get into Mailbox?

At Cult of Mac they have made an interesting prediction about how long to wait to try the service depending on where you are now. It is estimated that approximately 19.5 people per minute enter the service , thanks to this interesting statistics can be obtained.

  • If you have 50,000 people in front of you you have about 1.7 days left
  • If you have 100,000 people in front of you you have approximately 3.5 days left
  • If you have 200,000 people in front of you you have about 7 days left
  • If you have 300,000 people in front of you, you have approximately 10.7 days left
  • If you have 500,000 people in front of you you have approximately 17.8 days left

It must be recognized that the system used by the guys from Orchestra is a very good strategy of marketing , they get people to be aware of them and at the same time they control the servers and do not overload them, leaving all users without service. And what do you think of this release system for an app?

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