Why can’t the iPod die, at least in a few years

A few days ago our colleague Miguel Lopez left us the statements of the more than important and incredible Steve Wozniak, they said more or less this :

I’m an unconditional fan of Woz, of his opinions and I think that the success of Apple, at least in its first period is thanks to this genius, but this time I do not agree at all with his statements .

Why can’t the iPod die, at least in a few years
Why can’t the iPod die, at least in a few years

Its main premise is that everyone already has an iPod, wherever you go you find someone with one. Everyone already has an iPod but until the music changes format or form of distribution the iPod is completely valid .

Their argument is that radios and Walkmans are dead and true, but there was a change in format and the product was not adapted to the needs of the market . In the case of the iPod, it is different because for the moment, a change in the format of music distribution is not expected in a short period of time.

Logically, we must adapt to the new times and sincerely Apple is doing very well . The iPod touch is a perfect example of evolution and adaptation by Apple. The “iPod” part has been almost reduced to a trade name and a small function within a gadget with infinite possibilities .

Little by little Apple has provided the iPod with the novelties that the market has requested, a big screen, video arrived, then more capacity, touch screen, SSD memory etc. If we were to say that Apple has not modified the iPod in its 7 years of life, we would understand Woz’s position.

Because of the natural evolution of iPods, logically, in a couple of years what is left of “iPod” will be the brand and function, but little or nothing will have to do with the first iPods. But of course this is far from the future death of the iPod.


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