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Why Apple TV doesn’t detect WiFi networks: causes and solutions

If you’re here, it’s because your Apple TV is having trouble connecting to the Internet. Either because it cannot connect at any time or because it connects and minutes later the tedious message appears indicating that the device has lost the connection, in this post we will help you to solve it.

Why doesn’t your Apple TV connect to the Internet?

First we have to look at something that seems obvious, but that sometimes is the main reason why an Apple TV and other devices connect to the Internet with problems: the router . Check that this is turned on and working properly. If you have your Apple TV connected by cable , check that both ends are connected properly. If the connection is via WiFi, you should also check that the signal is good, for this we recommend you perform a speed test from another device.

Why Apple TV doesn’t detect WiFi networks: causes and solutions
Why Apple TV doesn’t detect WiFi networks: causes and solutions

If you have your Apple TV in a location far away from your router , the signal may not be getting through. If it is also placed somewhere with physical barriers in front of it, this may also be causing problems. If you find it impossible to keep your Apple TV and router closer together, you may want to purchase a signal amplifier that will allow WiFi to reach all rooms in your home.

In case you have verified a problem with your router, you should contact your phone company to solve those problems. Sometimes these devices may work well over cable, but not over WiFi. The reverse is also true, and in either case, it is best to have professional technicians check it out and, if necessary, replace the router with a new one.

Other failures that could occur are the physics of Apple TV itself. The Ethernet connector , in the case of wired Internet connections, is a strong candidate for damage. Try trying other cables to rule out any other issues, and if you still have problems, the Apple TV connector may be damaged. This will require you to contact Apple.

Another, less common but equally remarkable, fault is that of the device’s own internal system that allows WiFi connections. This is not something that usually deteriorates under normal circumstances, but it is possible that due to some factory error it is defective. In this case you should also contact Apple to get it fixed and more if the Apple TV still has warranty.

If none of these solutions have solved the problem of connecting to the Internet, you can use as a last resort to restore it. To do this, we recommend that you take a look at the tutorial explaining how to restore an Apple TV.

How much would it cost to repair an Apple TV?

If you need to go to an Apple Store or SAT with your Apple TV, they will first have to run a diagnostic. This can be either software or hardware, with the latter requiring the device to be dismantled. This diagnosis is free of charge and once you know the exact problem you will be given a repair quote which you may or may not accept.

The exact price of repairs depends on several factors. The first and most important is that depends on the component to be repaired . Sometimes some components are not repaired but a refurbished Apple TV is offered, the price of which depends on the model and capacity desired. Another determining factor is whether the device is under warranty or has some kind of Apple Care insurance, since in these cases it could even be a free repair as long as the defect in the product is not due to misuse.

In any case, the final amount will only be known when you go to Apple. We insist on reminding you of the existence of the SAT, which stands for Authorised Technical Service, and that for practical purposes it will act in the same way as Apple when it comes to repairs. These places are interesting if there is no Apple Store nearby or if there are no appointments available for repairs.

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