Why Apple has not called iPhone 7s to iPhone 8

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We’re more than happy after seeing all the new features that iPhone 8 and iPhone X have brought us, but that doesn’t stop you from asking yourself one question: why has Apple “skipped” the name of iPhone 7s? Wouldn’t it have been logical to call the 8 7s after its great resemblance?

Why Apple has not called iPhone 7s to iPhone 8
Why Apple has not called iPhone 7s to iPhone 8

We can also use the jump from iPhone 6s to 7 to talk about how sometimes the nomenclature of the iPhone generations provokes debates. But more than differences between power and design, the reason why the iPhone 8 has that name can be supported by marketing .

Samsung has been adding numbers directly while Apple has been alternating that to its “S” generations, which has made the Galaxy “ahead of the curve”. And it may seem silly to you, but the fact that the last Galaxy was the S8 and what it was now the iPhone 7s influences. The 7, in the subconscious, ends up being less than the 8.

So Apple hasn’t cut a hair and has altered the evolution of its nomenclature to go directly from 7 to 8. So it seems that the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S8 are on par. And not only that: it has taken advantage of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone to go directly from 8 to 10 with the iPhone X . The iPhone 9 remains in limbo.

That comes at a price in the long run, and that is that it may be time to make some tweaks to the iPhone names next year after forcing the numbers so much. It might be fine with an “iPhone XI” pronounced as “iPhone eleven”, but I’m hopeful with the names that my partner Javier Lacort had in mind.

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