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Why Apple has eliminated skeumorphism in iOS 7

migueldice: 20 September, 2013 at 16:58

In my opinion, I think that ios7 in concepts related to design, is of a very poor level, being in some cases ridiculous. I have updated my ipads to ios7 and I have been very disappointed, I was already fearing, for my taste, is cold, childish and not up to a great company like Apple. Besides, I don’t understand how in the two ipads I have, there are bugs, but that’s not enough, that in the ipads of my colleagues there are also bugs, I don’t understand!! they haven’t tested the interface, for sure they have, then? In my ipad (ipad2 and mini) the kiosk application does not close, it gets stuck many times, when you minimize an application with the multitouch gesture (five fingers at once) the icons come out pixelated, the ibook application is not updated, it gives me problems in the ipad2 with the photo reel, etc… I don’t understand…I really don’t understand!!! what a crappy Apple.I have read in several sites, that new updates will come soon, ios7.0.1…I still don’t understand the apple way of proceeding….they don’t have enough engineers, they don’t have enough resources…… If you go browsing ios7, you realize that some buttons and letters, are different depending on where you are in one or another operating system. In the mini ipad, some buttons are almost unnoticeable, they are so thin and of such a strident color that they look like lost in a white background… in other applications the font is thicker (as reminders…etc)… I don’t know, it is true that all this is subjective, also that ios needed a change, but, subjectively, I think that these people live from the income, that they lack leadership in such a huge company. How many times have I read that if Sir Jony ive is a genius, he is going to blow our minds… well, when I hear him talking and saying some simple things like the ones he uses to justify the pitiful (my point of view) ios7 icons, I think apple is not what it used to be. To say that to design the icons have been based on a grid and all that …, come on man, this seems a joke, or that someone had ever thought to do otherwise … well what a genius Ive this!!! I think any graphic designer makes you an equal or better interface. We are talking about Apple, who has millions to do what they want … Total, I like Apple products, I’m sure I get used to ios7, I’m sure they are improving, but for me, this company is giving sticks of blind, yes, of blind millionaire.

Why Apple has eliminated skeumorphism in iOS 7Why Apple has eliminated skeumorphism in iOS 7