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Who were the first? A curious collection of the first buyers of each iPhone model

We’ve been using the iPhone for five years now, and at least for me it’s become a must-have gadget. By chance of fate, I only needed a few months (two or three, I don’t remember well) to get hold of the iPhone Edge, the first iPhone. A good friend lived in New York at the time and sent me one. Since then, a 3GS and a 4S have passed through my hands and although it is evident which one I am currently using, they all work perfectly.

Who were the first? A curious collection of the first buyers of each iPhone model
Who were the first? A curious collection of the first buyers of each iPhone model

But who has been the first to purchase each model of iPhone during this five-year period? Who have been the lucky ones to buy before anyone else on earth the first terminal of each of the five models presented? Friendly fans? Fortunate seekers of notoriety? Well, a little bit of everything…

iPhone EDGE and iPhone 3G. All that glitters is not gold

With all the excitement that the iPhone has created since its introduction in January 2007, until its launch on June 29th of the same year, you think that its first buyer will be a person, a fervent admirer of the company of the bitten apple, eager to have the smartphone, well, no. The first iPhone was bought by Greg Packer , a (let me call him that) top hunter at major events .

This character was the first to sign Diana of Wales’s book of condolence back in 1997. The first at Whitney Houston’s funeral or the first person in line at the opening of Ground Zero of the Twin Towers. And her list of attendees (and first places) at these types of events is quite extensive. So he stood in line at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store four days before the launch and managed to get his hands on the first iPhone .

He also tried to do the same on the day the iPad was launched, but found that Apple had started accepting pre-launch bookings some years ago and had to give up its first place to people who had already booked the device days before.

The iPhone 3G was the first iPhone to be launched simultaneously in several countries, so the search for which store was the first to put it on sale and the first person to buy it, is more difficult. According to time zones, the first country to have the iPhone on sale was New Zealand. And the first store to open at midnight was a Vodafone store in its most populated city, Auckland.

In it Jonny Gladwell had been queuing for three days before to get one. He managed to get everyone’s attention, even from the media, and when asked about it he said it was to get an iPhone 3G. In the end it all turned out to be a viral campaign of the country’s yellow pages , trying to prove that a person was capable of getting everything he needed to survive for three days with the “Online Yellow Pages” and a mobile phone.

iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, more countries come into play

El iPhone que nadie consiguió imaginar

The only one of which data is kept on its opening at midnight on June 19, 2009 is an Orange Boutique in Paris.

There is the curious fact that Aaron Vronko, CEO of the American website RapidRepair was there that night in Paris. This website is known for taking over every new device before anyone else and dismantling it (a kind of iFixit), only they are looking to learn how to repair them. So with this move the web managed to get hold of the iPhone 3GS, take it apart and show it to the world about twelve hours before the competition .

The iPhone 4 was the first to be sold in Japan, its Apple Store in Ginza was in charge of selling it that June 24th. Because of Japanese internal policies, rather than standing in line, the 500 people who crowded the doors of the store entered the race, and the first person to leave with an iPhone 4 in hand was Ryoichi Hoshino . This unemployed Japanese declared that he loved the device and wanted to use it to watch movies and tweet.

The latest iPhone to date, the iPhone 4S

This time, during the launch of the iPhone 4S, New Zealand came back into play, and as they were the first to receive it on October 14th 2011, they were the first to have the opportunity to buy it. Ami Yang, a 19-year-old student managed to get her hands on the first iPhone on sale after waiting in line for about fifteen hours (and skipping a few classes). She was so excited that she didn’t realize that the person who sold it to her was the well-known local rugby star Dan Carter (or maybe it was just that she wasn’t very interested in rugby).

When she was interviewed on television she said that she had heard her salesman’s face, she knew it was related to sport, but she did not know his name.

Funny list, isn’t it? Only time will tell what the next five years will bring.

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