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Who are we? – TodoAppleBlog Team

The TodoAppleBlog team is made up of a group of Apple device users who love to share their knowledge, as well as constant information about the news Cupertino’s company continually generates.

Every day we publish the latest news about Apple and its products. We share guides with app recommendations. We generate tutorials explaining how to perform different types of actions on our iPhone, iPad, Mac, or any other product from the Californian company. We don’t forget about the opinion, we love the debate and that’s why we believe that giving our opinion and point of view is something very important. And we also want to know yours through the comments!

Who are we? – TodoAppleBlog Team
Who are we? – TodoAppleBlog Team

TodoAppleBlog is a living project, a project that is constantly being updated and in which people with totally different profiles participate, but we all share something: we love the devices that Apple makes.

The TodoAppleBlog team currently consists of:

Manu Iglesias

Passionate about technology for as long as I can remember, I have been very interested in everything related to Apple, its products and its philosophy as a company. Technology blogger in different publications and director of

Juanan Gosende

A computer engineering undergraduate student who was stung by the “apple worm” several years ago. Owner of MacBook Air, iPhone 6 Plus and looking forward to Apple Watch. Enjoying Apple, its philosophy and everything around it.

Laura Corral

“Drawer” as long as I can remember. Currently graphic and web designer in love with her work. Every day is a new opportunity to show what you are capable of, a new challenge, a new adventure.

Jaime García

My passion for dismantling and assembling things has led me to make it my profession. Electronic technician, who loves to share everything he knows with anyone with the intention of making the world a little better. Convinced that collaborative knowledge will lead us all to a great future.

Would you like to be part of the TodoAppleBlog team? Do you need to contact us for anything else? You can use the contact form, we will respond in the shortest time possible.