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Which iPhone X models will be in greatest demand (and will take weeks to deliver)?

Se acerca el lanzamiento del iPhone X en España y México: todo lo que necesitas saber

Normally, when Apple launches a new generation of the iPhone, it always does so in several models differentiated by the colors and storage that are integrated. And it doesn’t fail: there are always some models that are finished within minutes of starting the reserves .

Which iPhone X models will be in greatest demand (and will take weeks to deliver)?
Which iPhone X models will be in greatest demand (and will take weeks to deliver)?

In the case of the iPhone 7, the Jet Black model was the rarest and most sought-after. I also remember how the first iPhone launched in pink gold was requested. But what about the iPhone X? The iPhone X changes all that . Or rather: it simplifies it and fills us all with doubts.

The color of iPhone X is something you won’t see in your everyday life

First, iPhone X will only be released in two colors: black and white. But more important is the detail that the front is going to be black whatever color you choose . While before that was only obtained with the Space Gray or Jet Black model, now we will all have some (minimal) black frames.

Many people considered that detail crucial in choosing color. I myself find white frames distracting, to say the least. Now, when we use the iPhone X, we won’t notice the color we have chosen because it will be behind . In any case, people will see it in front of you while you use the phone.

This detail makes me think that people will no longer be so capricious when it comes to choosing a colour, resorting to the “if there isn’t one I’ll buy the other” with much more ease.

Watch out for the 64 GB minimum capacity

Until now, the iPhones that were finished earlier were the models that went beyond the 16 or 32 GB capacity. It was out of sheer necessity : with that space you always end up having problems as soon as the photo library gets a bit fat or we install too many powerful games. People didn’t mind spending a little more money.

But the most basic iPhone X has 64GB, a capacity that may be enough for many people. That, coupled with the high price of the phone, can make people care less about getting the most basic model. In fact, we might even see that model run out first.

The sales strategy of this iPhone X is different from anything we have seen so far

My conclusion is that I have no conclusion . This is a completely new model of iPhone, with a different sales strategy than anything we’ve seen so far. We are not even talking about various screen sizes anymore, there is no “Plus” model to rely on predictions.

Everyone is going to want the same phone, and in any case I would dare to say that the model that is going to be sold out first is the 64GB model, regardless of the color. It’s more a question of price. We’ll have to wait and see how customers respond : there’s already confirmation that there will be units available without reservation in some shops, and that means people queuing all night long if necessary.

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