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Which iPhone is better to buy

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will arrive in Spain on September 26th, adding to the already available iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, but which iPhone is better to buy? This decision is influenced by different factors that we will see below .

Phone size

It has certainly been the most important feature that the new iPhones have brought. From September 26th we will have three different sizes on the market when buying an iPhone. On the one hand we have the iPhone 5c and 5s that keep the 4 inches on the screen. Comfortable phones for many, but too small for others. On the other hand there are the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus respectively.

Which iPhone is better to buy
Which iPhone is better to buy

So when deciding which iPhone to buy from you, consider the sizes and think about what matters most – having an iPhone that’s comfortable in your hand and in your pocket, or having an iPhone with a larger screen for viewing more items. The best thing is to try them out and mess around with them first , because only with images and videos it is difficult to decide.

Camera Enhancements

The camera in a phone is one of the most important factors and we can choose one or the other when we ask ourselves the question ” which iPhone should I buy? “. In this case, all four iPhones have significant improvements as we move from iPhone 5c to iPhone 6 Plus . While on the iPhone 5c we have a good camera, the jump to the iPhone 5s is incredible – double tone flash, slow motion… – on the other hand, on the iPhone 6 we also have improvements in slow motion and especially in night photos and noise reduction, improvements that on the iPhone 6 Plus are added to the optical image stabilizer.

In this case, the decision is very simple, if you don’t care about the camera you can buy more basic models, but if you want the best camera for an iPhone you should choose the iPhone 6 Plus .

Battery and autonomy

Of course it’s crucial that the iPhone lasts at least all day. In this respect all four phones comply perfectly. Another thing is the use, conditions and preferences we have. Here it is no longer up to Apple, but to ourselves, but we have to take this into account when deciding which iPhone to buy from you.

There are battery upgrades between the different models. This is particularly noticeable on the iPhone 6 Plus , which has a 24-hour 3G range compared to the 14-hour range of the iPhone 6 for example. Among the other three handsets, there are few differences in terms of range, which are almost negligible.

Materials used

The main difference is between the iPhone 5c and the rest. This one has a polycarbonate coating in different bright colours, while the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are made of anodized aluminium -in silver, champagne and space grey-, which is much more elegant, although more prone to scratching. Which iPhone to buy, one that scratches easily or one made of plastic? , is an important dilemma.

Prices and operators

This is probably the most important factor and the one that makes us choose one or the other when buying an iPhone. There are three things that influence the price: model, capacity and contract or free. If we want to get the iPhone at a not exorbitant price we can choose the operators , although this implies that the iPhone is not free, we have a contract to pay every month and be tied to that operator, making accounts of what we will pay every month, it is just as expensive as buying it free .

If we buy it free, starting with the minimum capacity and starting with the iPhone 5c we have a price of 399 euros. To these 399 euros we only have to add 100 euros whenever we increase the capacity or upgrade the model . This brings us to the iPhone 6 Plus with 128 GB, which costs us 999 euros. What price are you prepared to pay to buy an iPhone?

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