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Which Device to Buy More Apps With

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Which devices spend the most money on Apps? Smartphones vs Tablets

Which Device to Buy More Apps With
Which Device to Buy More Apps With

Today we want to talk to you about a research that has been carried out by Frank N. Magid Associates and echoed by CNet. It reflects a better adoption of smartphones in today’s society, with figures that reach a 71% of U.S. citizens as owners of one of these devices, while if we talk about tablets, only reaches 57%.

This percentage is even lower in Spain, which falls to 28.5% as reported by the National Observatory of Telecommunications and Information Society (ONTSI). It is true that two years ago the percentages were 31% and 12% in the U.S. and although it must be recognized that the distance has been reduced remains important, something that seems to have no importance in purchases related to applications.

Despite the fact that during the last few years smartphones have become present in greater numbers among users and are the most used daily, purchases from tablets are much higher than from mobiles. Although in many cases it is the same users who download content for both devices, it is true that having a tablet, encourages much more to download apps.

Tablets are more profitable for developers

It is clear that tablet users have less trouble spending their money to buy an application or get features that are not available for free. So much so that 60% of tablet users admit to spending some money on apps, compared to 54% of smartphone users who have claimed the same.

If we talk about in-app shopping, they use their tablet to spend 16 dollars on average, while those who use smartphone only 9 .

As we can see in TabletZona, it seems that it has been demonstrated that having a tablet between devices is a strong enough incentive to download applications and enjoy content that sometimes is not the same in a smaller device as it is the smartphone.

And you, with which device do you buy more applications or games, with your tablet or with your smartphone? Talk to us, we’d like to know your opinion and your experience as a user.

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