Which charger to use on iPad to care for your battery

Recharging a device like the iPad is a task we perform on a daily basis as a matter of course. But sometimes we can err on the side of charging the iPad with a charger that is not the most suitable because it is the ‘common’ thing. If we care about the device as well as its durability we must take into account a series of recommendations to avoid spoiling the battery.

Always use certified chargers

If you want to be careful with your battery and maintain it perfectly, you must choose the charger you will use quite well. Beyond the charging power, there are many other factors to consider. The certification that it has is extremely important because in the case of Europe it must be endorsed with the CE certificate , which we find on the side of the charger plug along with all the information.

Which charger to use on iPad to care for your battery
Which charger to use on iPad to care for your battery

When we talk about chargers we have to be careful about the brand to choose. It is true that we can save money by buying strange brands but we can always get some surprises. That’s why we recommend to buy recognized brands with a wide trajectory behind them. We don’t say that you should always get the official Apple chargers, which can be a bit expensive, but you should get the products of other brands that are cheaper, in case you are looking for a replacement that comes as standard.

But they always have to have this certification to avoid heating problems and even explosions . In addition, recharging an iPad with a charger that is not properly approved can have very negative consequences for the battery. This is where you can be reminded of the saying ‘cheap is expensive’.

Connect to your computer or with an iPhone charger

One of the options that we can always have at hand when recharging an iPad is undoubtedly with our laptop, although in return we must give our time. Obviously the output power of our computer is quite low and that is why we will have a extremely slow charge . Sometimes it is the case that if we are using the iPad while it is connected to the computer it ends up turning off because it consumes more than it recharges.

In addition to using the computer we can also choose the charger that comes with our iPhones. We can have two different transformers: one 5W and one 18W. Obviously when we use the 5W charger that comes in the older iPhones the charge will be extremely slow but if we opt for the 18W one that comes with the latest iPhones in the high-end market we can have a much faster charge. But we are not talking about a particularly small battery so it will still take a while to fully charge it but it will be much faster than with the first option.

We must emphasize that when we make a slow charge we are also taking care of the health of our battery. When we use a very powerful charger we will be facing the iPad at much higher temperatures and obviously this ends up deteriorating the battery as happens on the iPhone too.

Quick charge

Along with the iPad is a charger that can more or less quickly recharge the iPad. But obviously as we are talking about a big battery as you can hardly notice the battery compared to the use in other devices. Apple reminds us that we can choose the 18, 12 or 10W charger to make a medium-fast charge. But if we do not want to wait long, you can use a charger of 29, 30, 61, or 87W from Apple in one of the following models:

  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation)
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation)
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro
  • 11-inch iPad Pro
  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro

Obviously, as we have said before, we must be quite careful with the power we apply and do it only if it is strictly necessary. The less power the charger has, the more we take care of our battery. Obviously, putting the power of a Mac into the iPad is quite a ‘beast’ but it is possible.

And you, how do you load your iPad every day? Leave your experience in the comment box.

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