Which are the best Macs for students at a good price

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José Alberto Lizana

Which are the best Macs for students at a good price
Which are the best Macs for students at a good price

Posted on May 07, 2019 – 16:00

Nowadays, universities have been plagued by laptops. In the libraries, more than the silence we could hear a few years ago , we can hear the typing of students preparing their notes for the global exams. Well, as a student, you’ve probably thought about which Mac would be best for your study assignments, and in this article we’ll try to help you based on our experience as a college student.

When we talk about students, we can automatically discard iMacs because we are looking for portability and autonomy to be able to work and study in any space, whether in the library or on a bus. While one of the first options we can raise are the iPad as the iPad Air 3, but we are aware that not everyone is convinced the iPad to work and prefer a Mac operating system such as MacOS.

MacBook Air, the best choice for a student

To get started, we believe the ultimate Mac for both college and high school students is the MacBook Air. It features outstanding portability and incredible performance for the most basic tasks a student performs. With the latest addition to the lineup, we think if you’re looking for a Mac for college, you should get one of these models.

Source: Apple

Currently on Amazon we find different very interesting offers of this equipment that will allow you to save up to 200 euros compared to the official price in an Apple Store. Remember that if you buy it through Amazon you will receive a totally sealed product with the guarantee as if you were comparing it in an official Apple store.

The offers we recommend are:

Here we enter the question of what internal memory capacity to acquire, if 128 or 256 GB. Our recommendation is that you go for the one with the largest capacity because the 128GB will be very short, especially if you have to make some kind of partition with Windows. From our own experience we sometimes have to use programs that are not present in macOS, especially if you are going to do some engineering or health science degree, and that is why in 128GB you will not be able to make a partition. That’s why if you want a long computer it’s better to spend a little more and have more internal memory.

Another device you may want to consider buying if you can see the price is the old MacBook Air. We think that this is a bad decision today because the processor that it incorporates is already quite old, and that’s why in a few years you’re going to be very short on performance and you’ll be forced to renew it early. With the 2018 MacBook Air, you’ll have a Mac for your studies and for when you start working.

If you think a 1.6GHz processor is going to be a bit short because you’re going to edit a small video clip, you can opt for the more basic MacBook Pro, which has a 2.3GHz processor , but we think that beyond this model you’ll be wasting money if you’re going to spend it on study tasks. Specifically, the model we believe may be suitable is:

There are other options such as the MacBook from 12″ but we believe they are too expensive for the age they are in the market. We think the best option is definitely the 2018 MacBook Air.

Is an iMac for study a good option?

To study at home, if you don’t want to use your MacBook in your studio, you can opt for an iMac that currently has a wide price range with features quite suited to a student’s needs, without thinking about a video or photo editor. The best iMac for a student would be

But what we believe is that the iPad may be the best option for a student because of the versatility it has, the low price for which we find many Apple tablets and because it gives a lot of portability and autonomy.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of these computers, would you use them?

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