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Where to see the serial number on the Mac

This is not normal, but sometimes you probably need to know the serial number of your Mac . To do this, if the computer is plugged in, just a couple of clicks and you’ll be able to get the serial number. This is a pretty important code, because for any repairs or questions from Apple, you’ll need to provide the serial number.

A unique feature of the Mac is that this serial number is inscribed on the computer case itself . For example, if you have a MacBook, notice that there are very small letters at the bottom that say “Serial”. However, this code usually wears out and we will not be able to read it easily in most cases. Also, many people change the Mac case or simply add a sleeve and it’s harder to access the number.

Where to see the serial number on the Mac
Where to see the serial number on the Mac

Fortunately, for these occasions, there is an easy way to get the serial number , bearing in mind that the Mac is on, of course.

  1. Click on the apple icon in the upper right corner
  2. Select About This Mac.
  3. The serial number appears on the Overview tab, which should be the first to appear.

You can copy this number and paste it into another document or do anything else you want with it. Just keep in mind that for better display and to avoid errors, Apple does not use the letter O for the serial number at any time and whenever you see a similar O sign it is a 0 (number).

So, if you need the serial number to check your Mac’s warranty or for a repair , remember that it’s easy to get it from the Mac options. Even if it’s a little hidden, this simple trick will help you find it very quickly.