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When is Reeder coming out for iPad and OS X?

The most emblematic RSS client for the apple platform is coming to life again. After returning its free iPhone version and making it compatible with the new Feedly, the developer says that in the coming weeks we will see the iPad version and in a few months the OS X version, which were removed from the App Store due to the closure of Google Reader.

Google Reader closed down just a month ago today, and we OS X users have been pretty much left alone ever since. The kingly free alternative is Feedly, which almost everyone uses . It is a good service for reading RSS and has an acceptable application for iOS. But that’s not a problem because Reeder for iPhone is free.

When is Reeder coming out for iPad and OS X?
When is Reeder coming out for iPad and OS X?

However our problem comes in OS X and iPad, where Reeder does not exist since Google Reader disappeared. To quench our thirst for Reeder, ReadKit appeared, as the first native OS X client to support Feedly. On the iPad we also have the official Feedly application , so there is relatively no problem.

The problem is that Feedly is good for getting out of the way but it’s not as good as Reeder. For those who are not willing to pay the almost 5 euros that it costs, they will have to keep using Feedly’s web client that works that way , nothing comparable to the fluidity that a native application gives.

But today, after all this time, Reeder is showing signs of life. From his Twitter, developer Silvio Rizzi has published two tweets dildos saying that Reeder 2 for iPad will be released next August, that the first beta will be released this week and that in the next few weeks he will send the final version to the App Store.

As for Reeder for Mac, the news is rather more pessimistic, since Rizzi says that it still needs to work on this version and that it will take much longer to get it out, it is very green. Luckily, there will be a public beta, so we can all try it out while the final version comes out .

Because if you are a hard user of RSS readers you will remember how Reeder was born in the form of a public beta that remained so and free for several months . So, as long as we have a public beta soon, we’re happy. But for the moment we have to wait.