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When Apple laughs at Samsung in its own home

Although Apple didn’t give many details about the new A6 processor in the new iPhone 5, there are already some who have done research and we have the first conclusions. The Apple A6 becomes the first processor on the market to incorporate the ARM A15 architecture, which has been offered to Apple exclusively until the end of the year. It will then be possible for manufacturers to start creating phones with ARM A15, but Apple will be months ahead of them.

It is not the first time that Apple achieves this move: having a technology exclusively for the first few months on the market . Its level of production is so mastodontic, that any manufacturer is at your service thanks to the enormous benefits it provides. Apple makes products in such huge quantities that many are not able to meet their production needs, so sometimes one component is made by several companies.

When Apple laughs at Samsung in its own home
When Apple laughs at Samsung in its own home

This is the case with the iPhone 5 displays, the manufacturers being Sharp, LG, and Japan Display. So it’s a lottery that you can win on your iPhone 5. But don’t worry, because they all pass the same quality control and Apple manufacturing orders, only the Chinese that makes them changes.

When Apple introduced the first unibody MacBook Pro back in 2008, it got NVIDIA to give them its most advanced 9400M chip exclusively for months, before all other PCs were able to mount it. Intel let them use Thunderbolt exclusively for a year before other manufacturers could implement it on their motherboards. The iPad 2 was the first tablet on the market to incorporate a dual-core processor with the ARM Cortex A9 architecture. The iPhone 5 is now the first device on the market to feature the ARM Cortex A15 architecture , which neither Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, NVIDIA nor Samsung will be able to implement until the end of the year.

It remains for ChipWorks to confirm this 100% when the A6 is X-rayed, but Anandtech is confident that the A6 is a Cortex A15 ARM.

The explanation is as follows, every time Apple changes the number of its mobile processors is that the internal architecture changes . The A4 was a Cortex A8, the A5 was a Cortex A9, and the A5X is still a Cortex A9 with a quad-core graphics processor. Thus, the A6 is the next evolution of ARM, the Cortex A15. Which to this day is the most advanced mobile processor architecture on the market .

When Samsung launches the Exynos 5, it will include two ARM Cortex A15 cores with a Mali ARM dual-core GPU. The Apple A6, however, uses two ARM Cortex A15 cores and the same quad-core GPU SGX543MP4 from the A5X.

This new A6 has probably been built under the new 32nm Samsung method , which would explain how it maintains the same battery life as the iPhone 4S, even with a larger display, a more powerful processor, and LTE. Let’s not forget that this 32nm construction also helps make the A6 22% smaller than its predecessor.

The most ironic thing about the situation is that the manufacturer of Apple’s processors is Samsung; so it would be funny to imagine Samsung’s managers looking at Apple with the faces of a few friends while they were signing the manufacturing contract, where they were going to make a processor with technology that they themselves could not use in their Exynos 5 used by the Galaxy until the end of the year. But my friends, in business money can be more important than pride .

Then we will say that the iPhone is stagnant , that Apple does not innovate, that it is too expensive or that it is a simple…

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