WhatsApp will store your videos on its own servers forever

WhatsApp has decided to change the way we treat the media files we share through the instant messaging application. In a simple way we can send photos and videos that were previously stored on your servers for 30 days via this service. After this month these media files were deleted forever, but this has changed radically, as they now remain stored indefinitely.

All changes have a positive and a negative side. In this case, from now on we can download the photos that we have deleted from WhatsApp because will be stored forever on their servers.

WhatsApp will store your videos on its own servers forever
WhatsApp will store your videos on its own servers forever

This is possible at a change in the policy with which WhatsApp treats our media files. Previously our files lasted for 30 days and were destroyed but now they will be present forever, something that hasn’t convinced some users because of all the problems Mark Zuckerberg’s company has on the table.

If you do not want your information to be stored on their servers you should simply delete this content from the conversation as if it were a text message. You can delete it if 68 minutes have not passed and it has not been read by the recipient. This way it won’t be stored on the servers, but what’s the point of deleting it before the recipient sees it?


Although it is not a measure that has been liked very much, we must remember that this service includes an end-to-end encryption service , so nobody except the sender and the recipient can see the messages that are exchanged through this service. So a priori neither third parties nor Mark Zuckerberg himself can see your messages or multimedia content.

What do you think about this change in WhatsApp policy? Leave your impressions in the comment box.

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