WhatsApp voice calls could be very close

Last February the CEO of WhatsApp announced during the MWC in Barcelona that the instant messaging app would feature VoIP calling service . Several months have passed since then and it seems that development is well underway, and that the service could soon see the light of day.

The new evidence that the development is advanced is an e-mail that some participants of the WhatsApp translation program have received. In this mail they are asked to translate 10 new text strings that speak for themselves .

WhatsApp voice calls could be very close
WhatsApp voice calls could be very close

Among the sentences that WhatsApp needs to translate into different languages (Italian in the case of the screenshots), we find strings like: ” incoming WhatsApp calls “, ” outgoing WhatsApp calls “, ” WhatsApp call byte received “, etc, etc… If we translate these strings into Spanish they would say things like: ” incoming WhatsApp calls “, ” outgoing WhatsApp calls “, ” Bytes received in WhatsApp call ” respectively.

This is a clear sign that the WhatsApp call service is coming and that the user interface you will have inside the app is also finished, otherwise there would be no point in asking for help to translate these strings.

These text strings also show us that WhatsApp, in addition to including the VoIP call service for its users, will also include a meter of data consumed. These strings that include the sent and received byte information make it quite clear. This means that the app itself will show us how much data our tariff (or WiFi connection) is consuming . It is also possible that the consumption is quite small and therefore WhatsApp incorporates it in this way, as a further claim for users.

The launch of this feature has been eagerly awaited since the company’s CEO introduced it and it seems that now, at last, it is close to seeing the light.

Will we see voice calls arrive at WhatsApp in early 2015? We’re looking forward to it… although I’m sure the phone operators won’t be as excited.

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