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WhatsApp Updates with Significant Voice Mail Improvements

Today a new update has arrived to WhatsApp’s App Store including very interesting functionalities and above all visual ones, although we must say that some of these are the result of Telegram’s inspiration, but they will undoubtedly improve the user experience which is in the end what matters. This new version is specifically 2.18.100 and as well as offering new features it also gives clues as to what WhatsApp will look like in the future as WABetaInfo has informed us.

The novelties of this new update are mainly three:

  • Support for the new iPhone XS Max: WhatsApp now supports the resolution of the iPhone XS Max (2688 x 1241 pixels). Until now users had to live with larger than normal elements on WhatsApp, but with this update the user experience is now correct when viewing elements at the correct size
  • New menu displayed in the text messages. Now when you press on the messages of the chat a drop-down menu will appear with a renewed design to be able to forward, highlight, resend or delete messages very similar to the interaction when applying 3D Touch. Before, we only had a menu with text options similar to those of iOS.
  • Continuous playback of voice memos. As with Telegram, voice memos will now be played continuously on WhatsApp, so all voice messages will be played in a row as long as there is no text message in between. This is really useful when we receive short messages in a row that some of us hate, but this way it becomes much more enjoyable to play.
WhatsApp Updates with Significant Voice Mail ImprovementsWhatsApp Updates with Significant Voice Mail Improvements

If it is true that this last function in relation to the voice notes after testing does not work correctly , although no doubt in future updates these details will be outlined.

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And as we said before from WABetaInfo they have discovered in the code of this last version a dark mode that would use a totally dark background and the text boxes in greyish colour, although for this functionality there is no exact date of arrival.

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