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WhatsApp Updates with a Great New for iPhone

WhatsApp received an update today with a major new feature , the audio blocking recording.

This new feature was announced a few weeks ago, where now at last, users of iOS can use it on our iPhones.

WhatsApp Updates with a Great New for iPhoneWhatsApp Updates with a Great New for iPhone

From now on, we can lock the microphone while sending an audio message ,so we can talk without the need to hold the button while recording our message.

Thanks to this, at last we will avoid the audios being cut while we are walking, where sometimes we accidentally stop pressing the audio button. In addition, we have the possibility to send longer messages.

The procedure is really simple, we simply have to slide our finger up when we want to record a longer than normal audio message. This option will automatically be locked without the need to keep pressing the button.

If you want to cancel the audio , simply slide your finger to the left. This will cancel our message and we’ll have a chance to start a new one. Something really useful for many situations.

WhatsApp is taking an important part in the way we communicate on a daily basis. Not only with our friends and family, but also with businesses, where WhatsApp is working to be a new standard for customer and business communication .

Soon, we might even see an iPad-compatible application, where we currently have to resort to third party applications or cheating WhatsApp, as we explained some time ago.


The version where you can find this novelty of WhatsApp is 2.17.81, if you don’t have this version, you must update it to be able to enjoy the audio messages with microphone lock. This will give you the opportunity to send longer audio messages without the inconvenience of being cut off by moving your finger off the button.

What do you think of this novelty? Do you find it useful?