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WhatsApp updates and introduces these new features

As of this week, WhatsApp, the instant messaging application with the most users worldwide, has implemented changes that were announced days ago. In particular, many of these new features already exist in Telegram, considered its biggest competitor, and although nothing explains why WhatsApp is taking so long to catch up, the important thing is that it has finally done so.

All these new features are available in version 2.17.254 for both iOS and Android. Let’s see them in detail.

WhatsApp updates and introduces these new features
WhatsApp updates and introduces these new features

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  • Sending of all types of files: A few days ago we echoed this feature, if you want the most important among the latest updates. This means that from now on we can send any file regardless of its extension, for example, jpg .apk, as we would do through an email. At the moment, this feature offers a size limit, although it is quite wide; so it would be 28 MB in iOS, 100 MB in Android and 64 MB for the desktop version.
  • Web browser: This feature has been on Telegram and Twitter for a while, so you’re probably familiar with it. This is a browser that allows you to access links without leaving the application
  • Select texts: This option, which allowed us to select texts to be converted into bold or italics, now also offers us the option of crossing out. Although this is not a novelty that changes to a great extent the use we give to this application, we never know to whom it may be useful.
  • Change to access the gallery: This new feature is more of a design. Now, when we want to access the gallery, we will have to slide the camera icon upwards instead of sideways. However, iOS users must wait a little bit for its arrival to our operating system, since at the moment it is only available for Android.

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