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WhatsApp Update for iOS 2.11.9

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WhatsApp Update for iOS 2.11.9
WhatsApp Update for iOS 2.11.9

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We’ve been waiting for months for an update to WhatsApp, the most used application on your smartphone . Although it’s very stable and works like a charm, users are always looking for more and more. So your developers are bringing us a well-loaded update today .

Although it does not appear in the update notes, it is more than likely that the bug that caused it to close when entering a group from iOS 8 beta has been fixed , thus being fully prepared for the new iOS release.

Among the most notable new features, we will be able to share iPhone 5s slow motion videos, we have new wallpapers and new ringtones for notifications. In addition, the camera button is now handy from the writing bar, so you can take photos quickly , remaining next to the microphone.

Here is the complete list of new releases :

  • New functionality for archiving chats and groups
  • New feature to add a comment to photos and videos
  • New quick access button to take and send photos
  • You can share videos in slow motion (iPhone 5S only)
  • You can trim videos before sharing them
  • Share location: compatible with satellite and hybrid view
  • Share location: allows you to move the marker to share an exact location
  • New options for multimedia auto-download: Chat Settings ; Multimedia Auto-Download
  • New wallpapers: Chat settings; Chat settings; Chat wallpaper; Background library
  • New notification tones: Notifications
  • You can add screenshots when you write to us about a problem

One thing we noticed is that the chat list on the home page is slightly larger, so there is less room for conversations on the screen . Before, there were just six contacts, now there are only 5.5 contacts. Could it be that they have already prepared the interface for iPhone 6 or is it just a matter of fine-tuning the interface?

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