WhatsApp is down worldwide, it’s not just you

The star messaging application, WhatsApp, is having a series of problems where it has stopped working since about 08:30 in the morning.

The problem affects worldwide , where the main reason for this fall is not yet known, nor when it will be restored again.

WhatsApp is down worldwide, it’s not just you
WhatsApp is down worldwide, it’s not just you

The dependence we make on this application on a personal level as well as a professional level, makes this drop a serious problem for many users who need to communicate in real time through this service.

It is funny how many users who do not use instant messaging applications other than WhatsApp remember the alternatives such as Telegram . Perhaps today you will find more contacts due to the crash of star messaging apps.

It’s not the first time you’ve had a breakdown in your systems like we’re having today. The good news is that usually resolves itself quickly . So don’t panic, it will be back soon (or so we hope).

Since WhatsApp have not given any information about this , so we don’t know the real problem, but we do know the extent it is having, from Europe to the United States.


Maybe it’s a good time to try free alternatives like Telegram or Apple’s iMessages , where more and more users are trying it out and are convinced of the benefits it offers.

We expect WhatsApp to return shortly, as it is a fundamental tool in any smartphone today.

Since when have you been unable to use the app? Have you been encouraged to use an alternative?

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