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WhatsApp for iPhone Upgrades and Integrates with the Cloud

When Facebook announced the purchase of WhatsApp we feared the worst, but it seems we were completely wrong and the purchase by the social networking giant has made it all the more exciting. Since Mark Zuckerberger’s company owns the instant messaging app, updates are coming in much faster and new features are constantly being added, which is certainly appreciated.

The latest update to WhatsApp for iPhone arrived just a few hours ago and comes with some new features that make the application a little bit better.

WhatsApp for iPhone Upgrades and Integrates with the Cloud
WhatsApp for iPhone Upgrades and Integrates with the Cloud

This is the complete list of new releases that WhatsApp has published on the App Store:

  • Improved design for browsing your photos and videos.
  • Now you can share photos and videos from other applications installed on your mobile phone, such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive. When you open your “Reel”, press “Select from other application…”.
  • Select from a variety of solid colors for your chat background.
  • Zoom in on the videos as they play.

Personally I think that the possibility of sharing photos and videos saved in services such as Dropbox or Google Drive is a very interesting novelty. The number of users of this type of service is increasing and thanks to this new feature it will now be possible to send the images stored in them without having to download them first to the iPhone , with the resulting savings in storage space.

Other new features such as solid-colored backgrounds and the ability to zoom in on videos while they are playing may be less appealing, but will certainly have a welcome audience among WhatsApp’s large user base.

Mention aside, it has an improved design for photo and video navigation, since we have hardly noticed any difference from previous versions of the app . We don’t know if this is a bug that is not allowing this supposed new feature to be activated, but in our case we have tried with several different iPhones and we haven’t seen this new design.

As we said, the new version of WhatsApp for iPhone is now available on the App Store , so it is now possible to update it on our devices or download it directly if we don’t have an older version of the app installed.

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