WhatsApp for iPhone gets updated with important news

The number one messaging application, WhatsApp, has just released a really interesting update for the iPhone.

This is a search bar in which we can search for words in all the chats we have participated in.

WhatsApp for iPhone gets updated with important news
WhatsApp for iPhone gets updated with important news

In addition the design also receives an update where it integrates very well with the iOS 11 interface.

The interface now has a feature very similar to Apple Music or App Store . When we click on a tab of the options, it shows us at the top of the screen the section where we are with very pronounced letters.

The typography is very similar to the one we find in Apple’s services, although the most outstanding novelty in this version, we find it in the search bar, where now we don’t search, we find.

As a curiosity, this new design with the large letters at the top of the screen can only be found in portrait mode , if we put our iPhone in landscape mode, these disappear. Although the search bar does continue to display permanently.

If we go to the section of Chats , at the top we find a search bar. You can put any word in this bar and WhatsApp will show you all the individual and group chats that include this word.

If we have the backups enabled , the search field expands to the first backup we have of our conversations. Something really useful to find a data, a name or even associated images.

The search is instantaneous, even on the scroll when expanding the searches. This function was already included in Telegram some time ago, where it was very well received.


WhatsApp is getting better and better at being the number one messaging application, where every new feature in iOS , makes it more interesting to use from our iPhone .

What do you think of the new features of WhatsApp? Do you usually use another instant messaging application? What would you add to WhatsApp¿

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