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WhatsApp Fixes Silent Chat Notification Bug

With the arrival of iOS 13.2, WhatsApp has also taken the opportunity to launch a new update of its application in the App Store solving at last one of the historical bugs such as the notification balloons of the silenced chats . In this article we tell you all the details of this new WhatsApp update.

I’m sure many of you have groups that you don’t want to be silenced on WhatsApp, whether it’s that class group that can accumulate 500 messages in a half hour or other groups that we have there for consultation from time to time but are not important to us. Until now, although WhatsApp didn’t notify us of the arrival of a message to this type of silenced groups it did warn us with an annoying badge in the icon of the application with a number that marked the amount of unread messages.

WhatsApp Fixes Silent Chat Notification Bug
WhatsApp Fixes Silent Chat Notification Bug

If you’re a manic or OCD person, you’re probably very nervous about having these numbers on your home icons and eventually being forced to log in and out of the group or chat room to make it go away.

Now according to The Verge, WhatsApp has fixed this problem in s or version 2.19.110 which you can find right now on the App Store. They report that they call these badges ‘anxiety inducers’ and they are right. This version fixes this bug for both individual and group chats. In addition to these improvements they have also added new alignment guidelines to help place stickers, emojis and more.

We believe that this is an update that many of us expected from all the people who are anxious to see these notification badges . In addition, it can also distract us and what we want when silencing a group is not to have unnecessary distractions and this caused it.

We encourage you to enter the App Store now and upgrade to this version to fix this historical bug in the application. The truth is that in this editorial we are very grateful that you finally listened to the users and we hope that this bug will not appear again in WhatsApp or in other applications.

And you, do you feel anxious or distracted by this kind of notification badge? Leave us a comment in the comment box about this new WhatsApp update that fixes this historical bug.