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WhatsApp could incorporate the profile videos

¿Es seguro WhatsApp?

Es muy probable que con el paso del tiempo WhatsApp sea fusionada con otras aplicaciones de Facebook, dando lugar a una fusión de los diferentes servicios en una aplicación común de la compañía.

WhatsApp could incorporate the profile videosWhatsApp could incorporate the profile videos

Sin duda, la labor de WhatsApp es frenar el avance que pueda arrebatar su competidor Telegram. Es por ello que la innovación en este tipo de aplicaciones se ha vuelto vital para lograr el mayor éxito en el mercado. ¿Incluirá finalmente WhatsApp los vídeos de perfil?

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Without a doubt, WhatsApp is currently the most widely used instant messaging application worldwide. Gone are the bland versions of WhatsApp, which had no improvements and seriously questioned its future. Despite this, at present, it is practically impossible to predict a decline in its use, due to the large number of users that this system has .

The arrival of Telegram marked a turning point for WhatsApp, as it was launched with major improvements in security and functionality over Californians. Since then, many new features have been incorporated into the flagship application for smartphones. What will they surprise us with now?

As the title states, the instant messaging company could incorporate the option to add profile videos in the application itself . This way, we could find ourselves in the profiles of our contacts: text, photo and now video.

The newspaper El Pais informed us of this, stating the possibility of WhatsApp incorporating a new function that makes use of the Instagram Stories .

This way, the user will have complete freedom in choosing the profile image for the messaging app, and can choose between a photo or a video. Along with this great new feature, a new design could be incorporated into the service’s interface , in which the new features would be reflected in a kind of wall with the different profiles published.