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WhatsApp calls come to the iPhone


Finally. As promised by Brian Acton, WhatsApp’s VoIP calls are already working on iOS and will start to be available on all iPhones in the coming weeks. This is not a beta: you can already upgrade to version 2.12.1 from the App Store and wait for them to be activated within the application itself.

WhatsApp calls come to the iPhone
WhatsApp calls come to the iPhone

Those of us who have an iPhone and are regular users of WhatsApp have been feeling abandoned by its developers for a while now: we cannot use WhatsApp Web from our computers and until a few weeks ago we were not sure if the calls would reach iOS… But here they are, and to show the log with the changes from the last update :

Free calls and, now, multi-platform

WhatsApp’s Voice over IP service allows us to make free calls between iOS devices, Android, BlackBerry 10 and – very soon – Windows Phone . The interesting thing about it finally being multiplatform is that, with WhatsApp being so widely used in Spain and Latin America, suddenly everyone we know has a free VoIP client in their hands.

WhatsApp calls use our 3G or 4G connection. To find out the consumption, our colleagues from Xataka Android made a thorough test: they put the average at 800 kB for a five minute call . Where they found a problem is in the quality of transmission, especially if the coverage is bad; but in general the service is acceptable.

We can now share photos from outside the app

But watch out, we’re two for one. The other big news in this latest version is that we can finally add WhatsApp to the native sharing menu in iOS 8, for example to send images and videos from Photos or other applications. To make the WhatsApp button appear, we have to display the share button, hit “more” and choose WhatsApp (which will be at the bottom of the list); in this same Activities menu we can change the order in which the applications appear.

The other three new features are: a button in the chats to quickly take a picture or send one of the most recent images from the reel; the possibility to edit contacts directly from WhatsApp ; and the option to send several videos at once, crop and rotate them.