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The latest WhatsApp beta for iOS available in TestFlight includes a more elaborate dark mode that only works with iOS 13 by following the APIs of this OS version.

WhatsApp – Applesphere
WhatsApp – Applesphere

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It’s been done, but the dark mode is now available to all WhatsApp beta users for iOS. A final version will be released in the next few weeks.

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WhatsApp is developed using Electron, a platform that allows you to create “native” computer applications from the web version.

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iOS 13 has been available for a few months now, and with it the dark mode. However, WhatsApp has not yet added this feature, but is already being tested by some users in the beta version.

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If there is one thing iOS has natively and with an unbeatable implementation, it is the menu for sharing content from one application to another. However, there are those who unconsciously share those contents by copying links, or…

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The messaging app will finally have no ads, as expected to happen during this 2020. Facebook is looking for different ways to monetize the app.

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The year 2020. You get a message from WhatsApp on your wrist. You turn on the Apple Watch to read it and discard it. A few minutes later, you think about it and decide to respond. You look at your watch again. Push the digital crown and find the app. But…

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These are the functions that would come to WhatsApp during the year 2020

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