WhatsApp already allows you to delete messages under these conditions

A feature that has been announced for several months now and is very much desired by many users on WhatsApp, such as the power to delete sent messages s, seems to have arrived in an update that is appearing to users quite slowly , but we hope that in the next few hours we will all have this feature available that like others, we already had in Telegram for quite some time . In this post I will tell you how these messages would be removed, the requirements and the supported versions.

In order to have this functionality in both iOS and Android you must have installed the latest update that has come out in the last few hours. But unfortunately for all of us, there is a problem with this update that would be making few people receive it . Due to a problem in the WhatsApp update it would have slowed down its deployment by delaying by several hours the arrival at all terminals.

WhatsApp already allows you to delete messages under these conditions
WhatsApp already allows you to delete messages under these conditions

We also hope that between now and tomorrow we will be able to update the Facebook instant messaging application and have the opportunity to delete messages sent on WhatsApp. WEBetaInfo has confirmed this new functionality for everyone.

If you are one of the lucky ones, or if you want to check if you are among the lucky ones, we simply have to go to a chat both private and in a group on WhatsApp . When you select the message you will be given “Delete” , and after that you will get a trash can at the bottom left. When you hit you will be given the option to delete the message for me or for everyone . You can also select as many messages as you like to delete them.

But, there is a limitation on the messages you can delete or not. This is the time, which s e set to 7 minutes to be able to delete a message since it is sent. In addition, to send it, the recipient must also have this version of WhatsApp. So if you have this feature and your friend doesn’t, you won’t be able to use it either. This is why it is very important that updates are released to all users.

If you already have this update, tell us how it works for you and what you think about it.

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