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What’s that mysterious icon on Leopard’s iChat?


I think we already talked about it when Leopard was introduced in August: Apple published on its website the first ten features of the new Mac OS X. On the iChat website, you can see the contact list window open, and inside it, a mysterious icon .

What’s that mysterious icon on Leopard’s iChat?What’s that mysterious icon on Leopard’s iChat?

As you can see in the image, the icon could represent something like wireless connectivity , or similar… But Steve Jobs didn’t say anything at all about it in the keynote . In LoopRumors they say that it could be a possible iChat mobile, inside the iPhone. If you look at the contact list , everyone connected has a camera or microphone icon, except for that one. Could that contact be someone connected to your account from a lighter version of an iPhone ?

Always from my personal opinion: maybe that icon indicates that the contact is not connected “via Mac” but is available via iPhone ( or another device, who knows… ) That is, if we write to him, the recipient will receive the text on his iPhone via text message or in a specific application via wifi.

Well, there’s less… By the way, in LoopRumors they bet that Leopard will be available ( ready for sale ) on March 24th , earlier than many of us fear due to the recent invitation to WWDC07…