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what’s new with iOS 13

During the iOS 13 presentation we could see that the company of the block bet strongly on CarPlay, because in addition to changing the design of its panel and interface, it equipped its service with different innovations. Below we review all the new features that will be available to Apple CarPlay compatible vehicles , from the official arrival of iOS 13 to the market.

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A new and intuitive interface

what’s new with iOS 13what’s new with iOS 13

Firstly, Apple redesigned the CarPlay interface, so that its design is now much more intuitive and modern, matching iOS 13. Now with this new look, the panel is split in two, so half of the screen will be occupied with the map, while the other half has the Siri suggestions, the Play Now widget and the upcoming calendar appointments. At the top of the panel, you can even see driving instructions when using the turn-by-turn navigation.

On the other hand, when you first look at the new home screen, you will notice that there are a couple of new applications that have not been shown before. This is because iOS 13 adds both the Settings and the Calendar application to CarPlay .

What’s new in Apple Music

One of the applications undergoing considerable changes in the new CarPlay is Apple Music. Pedro Aznar has had the opportunity to take a look at CarPlay in the first beta of iOS 13 and says that the app is much improved, so it works faster and shows us images of the albums and playlist, as you can see in the highlighted image.

News related to Siri and Apple Maps

Another interesting issue we see in CarPlay with iOS 13 is a better integration with Siri. The virtual assistant not only has a new voice, but can also interact with third-party audio and navigation applications. So, for example, those who prefer to use Waze instead of Apple Maps, will be able to use Siri to request commands from the application .

Similarly, Maps also has a new look, with a revamped interface and more mapping data, as well as having adopted the ability to share the ETA with recent contacts.

For the moment, all these new features can be explored gradually as Apple releases more pre-release test versions of iOS 13. So if you are a developer or beta tester, it is only a matter of weeks before you can see all the changes coming to Apple CarPlay.