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What’s new in the Winterboard update

One of the basic objectives of the jailbreak, along with being able to add new features to our iOS device, is to be able to customize its appearance thus seeking to have an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod touch, unique and unrepeatable.

Among the applications necessary to achieve this end, one stands out above all. Its name Winterboard, a _tweak: that although it changes its name, it has been with us since the first iPhone and the origins of Cydia. Winterboard allows a large number of options such as applying themes to our device, changing icons, adapting the dock , changing the wallpaper or adding animated backgrounds and a long list of options.

What’s new in the Winterboard update
What’s new in the Winterboard update

With the arrival of iOS 7 and the subsequent availability of a compatible jailbreak, it was expected that many tweaks would be updated , and one of them, as is Winterboard, was even more needed, as he had to correct some important problems.

Over time, the use of themes and other customization had come to cause a slowdown in the operation of the device and an exaggerated consumption of resources.

To fix these bugs, the developers of Winterboard have just updated the tweak with important new features:

  • The problem of slow page turning on the Springboard is solved.
  • Winterboard installation with SummerBoard mode off by default.
  • The problem with respring disappears from the application.
  • Winterboard now offers support for HTML Wallpapers.
  • Compatible now with tweaks like TimeStyle, PerPage or IconAlpha

As you can see a good number of new and also important, which update this so recommended tweak . If you don’t know the uses that it can offer, we advise you to read some of the articles that with Winterboard as an actor, we have written in Applesupportphonenumber.

Winterboard is free and you can download it from the Telesphoreo repository, which comes by default on Cydia. Are you or have you ever been a user of Winterboard ? Tell us what customization or utility you have implemented on your iDevice thanks to this tweak

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