what’s new in the latest messaging app update

The popular messaging network Telegram yesterday released a new version of its iOS application, version 5.8. It has also released a new version for other operating systems. For those who already have this app installed on their iPhone or iPad you can see that you can update to this version of the App Store. In addition to the classic bug fixes, this version brings other interesting news including the possibility of changing the app icon.

The latest update of Telegram is full of interesting news. The most obvious is the logo change that appears by default in the app icon once it is updated. Although this image can be changed to another from the appearance settings within the app itself.

what’s new in the latest messaging app update
what’s new in the latest messaging app update

This is the complete note that Telegram has offered to tell us all its news:

“Add contacts easily:

– Now you can add any user to your contacts, even if their phone numbers are not visible.

– Easily add users next to you, after opening Contacts> Add people nearby. You will see the people who have this section open.

Chats by location:

– Host local communities by creating groups from a location in the People Nearby section.

Transfer groups:

– Transfers ownership of groups and channels by giving all permissions to another administrator. This is useful for job changes or if you just don’t want to be the creator anymore.

And more:

– Use Siri’s shortcuts to open chats with people.

– Choose the style of the app icon and enjoy the new theme previews in the Appearance settings.

– Turns the preview on or off for specific chats, and uses the search and ‘Delete All’ tools for notification exceptions.

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No doubt this latest update brings really outstanding improvements that many users will appreciate. In this way the Dubai-based application continues to grow and differentiate itself from WhatsApp. While it is true that WhatsApp is growing in popularity among users, Telegram has more and more features that make it even more complete.

We thank Wisser Peralta, a VIP subscriber always attentive to all the news, for his tip-off on this update.

What do you think of this new Telegram update? Leave your impressions in the comment box.

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