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What’s new in OS X The Captain video

In Apple’s keynote at WWDC 2015 we could see a glimpse of OS X The Captain. Despite its -rarely- name, it comes with interesting new features that are sure to enhance our Mac experience. Today we are going to see the 5 best new features of OS X El Capitan in video .

Remember that Os X El Capitan is available but only for developers with iOS 9. From July we will have a public beta that will allow non-developers to install. Meanwhile, we can see the most characteristic of OS X The Captain in video .

What’s new in OS X The Captain video
What’s new in OS X The Captain video

The new MacBook works very well with OS X El Capitan, even with the system in beta. In fact, we’ll see in the following video how it works both in performance and fluidity with the five most notable features of OS X El Capitan:

  • Improvements in Mission Control: The new Mission Control brings significant improvements when it comes to organizing our windows. Now it is easier to change the desktop and find the windows that are hidden or disorganized.
  • Split-View: Split-View is the best option to organize and divide our windows on the desktop. What this does is that instead of putting the applications in full screen it will put two of them in full screen. Ideal if we are working with several things at once and you need to see two different windows.
  • Spotlight improvements: Spotlight has been greatly enhanced with OS X The Captain. Now he’s smarter and doesn’t just search for things – which makes them even better – but can also calculate or display more specific data such as Real Madrid’s Champions results, to name a few.
  • Safari improvements: Safari on OS X The Captain has focused on improving the tabs, now we can leave them fixed or mute them more easily if they make a sound.
  • Improvements in Notes: Notes has also been vitaminised in this new version. Now we can add drawings, images, smart links, create smart folders, find archived notes..

So if you want to see these new features in action don’t hesitate to take a look at the video. Of course OS X The Captain is a big step for the best desktop operating system currently on the market. And with these new features it makes it much more useful than before. Which one do you like the most?

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